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Southfield dentist sells practice to focus on new venture for sleep apnea

Dr. Earl K. Bograw (left) has sold his Southfield dental practice, Mission Point Dental Wellness to Lynna Pillai, DMD. He is staying on at the office to operate Michigan Sleep Apnea Center.

Dr. Earl K. Bograw, has answered a new calling — to relieve sleep anea for patients. His new venture, Dental Center For Sleeping Apnea and Snoring, is for those who don’t need CPAC machines. He’s a pioneer for this type of practice in Michigan.
After a 30-year career in dentistry and a long search for the right doctor to fit his philosophy and high quality standards, Bogrow selected Lynna Pillai, DMD from several qualified candidates.
He sold his dental practice, Mission Point Dental Wellness of Southfield to Pillai. Although Pillai has assumed the daily operations at Mission Point Dental Wellness, Bogrow will remain at the office to continue to grow his passion and new venture, Michigan Sleep Apnea Center. He will also assist Pillai in seeing general dentistry patients as needed.
Having two distinct yet related practices in the same office provides patients with access to a greater range of dental and wellness modalities.
Pillai, a 2005 graduate of Tufts University of Dental Medicine in Boston is originally from Long Island, New York. She served an 18-month Residency program at Advanced General Dentistry, also in New York. Her training in multiple phases of dental treatment provides her patients with personalized care that Bogrow upholds.
Bogrow’s new journey in his dental career involves helping patients overcome the potential risks and life threatening consequences associated with untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), which may include daytime drowsiness, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, as well as many other ill effects of long term sleep deprivation.
After being diagnosed himself with OSA in 2008 and placed on CPAP therapy, he investigated another treatment called Oral Appliance Therapy, which successfully treated his condition.
Since then, he has had extensive training and is now one of only a few dentists in Michigan to have the distinction of being a Diplomate and Board certified from the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. His new focus is to help his patients achieve better health by working closely with Sleep Physicians regarding the diagnosis, treatment and follow up for patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, many of which can be best treated with adjustable oral appliance therapy.
“By having two separate yet related dental practices within the same office we can provide patients with total dental health care as well as the oral systemic connection of being able to treat patients with a potential life threatening condition of OSA with a dental appliance,” says Bogrow.
“We have a staff of true professional long term employees who are dedicated to give our patients a great experience in taking care of their dental health and wellness needs. All of our Dental Assistants and Hygienists are certified in their areas of expertise.”
“We are in a state-of-the-art facility and stay up to date in the best technology we can offer. We believe strongly in continuing education so we can give our patients the best personal attention and the best quality materials, knowledge, and treatment.”
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Source- The Oakland Press
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“Dr. Bogrow and his staff helped me deal with sleep apnea in a painless, non-invasive way without a C-PAP machine. Prior to using the dental appliance, my sleep study measured nine interruptions an hour. After getting used to, and wearing the appliance for over a year, my follow-up sleep study measured just TWO interruptions per hour. I don’t notice these interruptions at all and I am waking up feeling wonderfully well-rested! Dr. Bogrow’s been so kind and very patient with me, because getting the best results requires fine-tuning and patience as the appliance is adjusted. Dr. Bogrow takes time to listen to answer any questions I have. I truly appreciate the service he provides and would recommend this option to anyone with mild sleep apnea, before starting on a CPAP machine. As they say, “There’s nothing like a great night’s sleep!”

Lisa W.
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