Sleep Apnea Testimonials

Sleep Apnea Testimonials

At Bogrow and Associates we welcome feedback and view patient reviews as an important part of our practice. If you enjoyed your experience at our practice, please leave us a review!

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Darla F.

“Dr. Bogrow is a wonderful doctor and person! He is compassionate and expert in helping me, and I’m sure many other patients, get needed and healthy sleep! I appreciate all that he and his kind staff members have done for me over the past 5-plus years. Thank you.”

Janice L.

“When I first came to see Dr. Bogrow I was always so tired. I felt like I didn’t get a wink of sleep. That was definitely not the case because I could sleep anywhere at any time. I had a cpap machine in my closet for over two years and couldn’t bring myself to continue to use it.

I asked my doctor if a mouthpiece could possibly help me. He recommended that I speak with Dr. Bogrow, so I made my appointment and our journey began. I was fitted with my appliance and after just a few adjustments it was working beautifully! Amazingly I now sleep knowing that when I wake up in the morning I will feel new and refreshed to take on the day! I thank God for Dr. Bogrow, Barb and the entire staff for their excellent care, expertise, and how they genuinely care about me and how I feel! So if you suffer from sleep apnea please don’t hesitate to talk with Dr. Bogrow. I know he will do everything he can to help you feel good again!”

Doug French

“Dr Bogrows successfully modified a temporary oral appliance for sleep apnea in pursuit of a permanent appliance for me. Dr Bogros considers my case “challenging” and I appreciate his acceptance of the challenge. Everyone I have had contact with in the office (Barbara, Sarah, Amy) have been pleasant, professional and efficient.”

Wanda Gee

“After years of suffering with sleep apnea, and trying unsuccessfully to use a CPAP machine, I have finally been able to get quality sleep thanks to Dr. Bogrow and my oral appliance. For me, the effects of sleeping with the oral appliance was immediate. I have so much more energy and I don’t have that sluggish fatigued feeling at work and even been able to get back to exercising regularly. I truly feel that using the oral appliance may have saved my life. Thank you Dr. Bogrow!”

Dr William Smaller

“Great staff. Professional with sense of humor.Dr. Bogorow adept at explaining options. Appreciate his expertise.”

Victoria H.

“Dedicated, excellent dentist with the rare skill, ability, training and research in sleep apnea. I would recommend him for anyone suffering from sleep apnea and would prefer a dental device. Many dentists can supply sleep apnea devices, but from a personal experience with two other dentists, Dr. Bogrow is the only professional in the Detroit area with the skill and the science.”

William Finnicum Iii

“My experience has been positive from the start. Dr Bogrow gave me the most understandable explanation of sleep patterns, good and bad, that I’ve heard. I find the service caring, cautious, considerate and capable. Most importantly, I am told my snoring and sleep apnea has been cured by using a dental device when I sleep.”

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