Oral Appliance to Treat Sleep Apnea

The Advantages
Oral Appliance Therapy is the newest, non-invasive remedy that works for both men and women alike. An Oral appliance is comfortable to wear, very quiet, portable and easy to care for.
Visiting the Dentist
Your dentist will work with your sleep doctor in order to treat both snoring and sleep apnea. The initial consultation will revolve around discussing the benefits of this type of treatment, as well as any side effects and the total cost.
If you decide to move forward, your dentist will complete a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth, jaw, tongue, and airway. This may also include a new-x-ray of your mouth.
Customizing your Oral Appliance in 3 Simple Steps

  1. There are two different ways to customize your oral appliance. The first is a digital scan and the second option is a physical impression. Both are reliable ways to properly fit the appliance for you, but the choice is up to what your doctor has in his office.
  2. After the impression (digital scan) is made, it will then be sent to a dental lab where the appliance will actually be created.
  3. The third and final step in this process is after your dentist receives the completed appliance back from the lab he will work with you to help adjust the fit to make it as comfortable as possible. During this visit, your dentist will explain and possibly show you how to properly clean and maintain your appliance.

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“Dr. Bogrow and his staff helped me deal with sleep apnea in a painless, non-invasive way without a C-PAP machine. Prior to using the dental appliance, my sleep study measured nine interruptions an hour. After getting used to, and wearing the appliance for over a year, my follow-up sleep study measured just TWO interruptions per hour. I don’t notice these interruptions at all and I am waking up feeling wonderfully well-rested! Dr. Bogrow’s been so kind and very patient with me, because getting the best results requires fine-tuning and patience as the appliance is adjusted. Dr. Bogrow takes time to listen to answer any questions I have. I truly appreciate the service he provides and would recommend this option to anyone with mild sleep apnea, before starting on a CPAP machine. As they say, “There’s nothing like a great night’s sleep!”

Lisa W.
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