Nepal Earthquake Exposes Need for Better Buildings

Forty eight hours is all it took for our generous donors to answer our needs. We challenged our fellow Americans to find $20,000 to help rebuild and retrofit our two clinics in Nepal after two devastating earthquakes. We are so thankful for gifts to the Challenge Grant. Such generosity will help ensure that future earthquakes will not devastate the community that relies on our clinics.
Two earthquakes not only ruined existing structures, but the aftermath has exposed the need for better construction practices and the need to retrofit and reinforce buildings that may still be vulnerable to future geological events.
Our dental clinic in Nepal shares a building with a medical clinic and seven classrooms. This building is situated with three others, all of which need significant repair and reinforcement. During repair, the young students must survive in the elements of this already rough environment.  If you would like to help, please click here.

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