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Effective Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece Treatment Options

It’s been suggested by recent research that oral appliance therapy is a viable treatment to correct everyday snoring and disruptive sleep disorders, like apnea. Worn only overnight, the mouthpiece fits similarly to a sports mouth guard. The mouthpiece keeps your bottom jaw pulled slightly outward which helps to keep your airway unobstructed and open. These […]

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2016 Sharing Knowledge Through Each Other

This conference is organized for sleep lab managers, sleep technologists and Respiratory Therapists. Attendees will have the chance to recieve 9 CEC’s for BRPT, AAST and AARC. All event details are still being finalized, this page will be updated periodically. Please check back for more information! Thursday, June 2nd Schedule (3 CECs) 5:00-5:30– Check in […]

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Is Your Snoring a Sign of a Serious Health Problem?

A sleep problem can affect all aspects of your life ranging from job performance to your overall health. Snoring is one of the most common sleep problems facing Americans. Not only does it interrupt your sleep and disturb your sleep partner, but it can also be a warning of a serious health problem. You snore […]

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Oral Appliance to Treat Sleep Apnea

The Advantages Oral Appliance Therapy is the newest, non-invasive remedy that works for both men and women alike. An Oral appliance is comfortable to wear, very quiet, portable and easy to care for. Visiting the Dentist Your dentist will work with your sleep doctor in order to treat both snoring and sleep apnea. The initial […]

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Recent Web Conference with Dr. Bogrow

The Web-Conference was about new technology ( MATRx) that will accurately predict which patients will be successfully treated with Oral Appliance therapy. Dr. Bogrow had the privilege of presenting with Dr. John Remmers who is the Chief Medical officer and Co-founder of Zephyr Sleep Technologies and a pioneer in the field of Sleep medicine/ dentistry. […]

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