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How Quality Sleep Changes Your Life

How Quality Sleep Changes Your Life

If you or a loved one suffers from sleep apnea, you’re not alone. In fact, sleep apnea impacts over 20 million Americans. Research links sleep apnea to a number of serious health risks including strokes and heart disease. Seeking treatment is vital for optimal health. There are many treatments available and it has never been easier to get diagnosed. Here are some of the ways getting the quality sleep you deserve will change your life.

Increase Your Energy

It’s no secret that when you don’t get enough sleep you lack the energy you need to function at your best. Daytime sleepiness is a real concern for sleep apnea sufferers and it can be remedied with proper rest. The problem is that even when you’re getting a full night of sleep, obstructive sleep apnea prevents you from getting quality rest to recover for the next day. Once your sleep apnea is treated, you can expect to feel more energetic to accomplish your daily goals.

Makes You Look More Youthful

In a study from the University of Michigan, researchers studied how getting the proper treatment for sleep apnea affects the way people look. Images were taken of participants with sleep apnea before and after two months of treatment. When ranked by neutral observers, the images taken after sleep apnea treatment were judged to be more alert, youthful, and attractive twice as often as the before images.
Getting the sleep you need restores your body and helps you look your best. Beyond improving your appearance, it can also reduce your risk for many health complications.

Improves Your Health

When left untreated, sleep apnea decreases the blood oxygen levels in your body and can increase the risk of many health concerns. Approximately 50 percent of sleep apnea sufferers have hypertension. In addition, research from the Sleep Heart Health Study found that sleep apnea significantly increases the risk of stroke. In fact, if you suffer from sleep apnea you’re at an increased risk of stroke that is comparable to adding ten years to your age.
Treating sleep apnea is essential to maintaining your good health and will help reduce the risk of developing these conditions. Treatment is no longer complicated and there are many alternatives to CPAP. Improving your overall health will save you time and money in the long run. This will reduce your medical expenses and the number of visits to the doctor.

Improves Your Ability to Think

Getting the sleep you need is also important for your brain. Quality sleep restores your cognitive ability, will help you remember things, and improves your motor function. Without a good night’s rest, you simply can’t live life to the fullest.

Let Us Restore Your Rest

We are delighted to help our Southfield patients get the sleep they deserve. Our goal is to find the sleep apnea solution that meets your specific needs. Every patient is different and requires a different approach to treatment. Dr. Bogrow finds the solution that’s ideal for you.

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For the comprehensive care you deserve, look no farther than Dr. Bogrow and our friendly team. We have the knowledge and experience to find the sleep apnea solution that’s right for you. Schedule your visit with us today.


“Dr. Bogrow and his staff helped me deal with sleep apnea in a painless, non-invasive way without a C-PAP machine. Prior to using the dental appliance, my sleep study measured nine interruptions an hour. After getting used to, and wearing the appliance for over a year, my follow-up sleep study measured just TWO interruptions per hour. I don’t notice these interruptions at all and I am waking up feeling wonderfully well-rested! Dr. Bogrow’s been so kind and very patient with me, because getting the best results requires fine-tuning and patience as the appliance is adjusted. Dr. Bogrow takes time to listen to answer any questions I have. I truly appreciate the service he provides and would recommend this option to anyone with mild sleep apnea, before starting on a CPAP machine. As they say, “There’s nothing like a great night’s sleep!”

Lisa W.
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